Human is not like machine. But when a human goes ‘Out of Order’ state, where is the destination? ReCycle or Junkyard?

if you do not use the machine as per the guideline of the manual, what happens? (1). it won't give you optimum performance. If you do not follow the warnings of the manual, (2). the machine malfunctions. No doubt about it, right? and then if you do not use the instructions of the manual how to fix it, (3). the machine gets out of order totally. It is thrown to the junkyard or taking to the recycle factory. It's just that easy to understand, isn't it?


O my Muslim brothers and sisters, let me present you the ‘Corrupt Minds’

Mankind At Loss

Before you read this, please be very clear that I am only talking to THOSE Muslims who BELIEVE in Allah for SURE. They may be confused, got questions, got doubt sometimes but for sure they believe that Allah is truth. So please be distinctive, for sure, I will not entertain any comments from a Muslim who just does not believe in Allah. But anyone who believe in a CREATOR or a “Force” or “Powerful Being” but have problem with the name “Allah” you can read it as well by putting the word “Creator”


Have you ever bought a medicine that didn’t have instructions on it? Have you ever bought any machine or equipment or other goods which didn’t have a warning or instructions on it? Products from anywhere and everywhere come with a warning of use. I have a bath tub for my 6 months old child and it…

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